Thursday, 11 October 2012

“Don’t delete that blank document,” 1995

The arrival of the electro-digital office coincided with a passing fad for environmentalism, leading to this well-meaning advertisement from the NOI.

The scientific adviser for the campaign was TV phlebotomist Roy Cheddar, who had become the public face of global warning after fronting the “shock-umentary” series Kettlesphere: Earth.

Cheddar claimed at the time that every one of these posters would save “enough trees to stretch a double decker elephant to the size of Wales and back”. By 2011, he had became a high-profile outspokesman for climate change denial, insisting his advocacy of environmental causes was merely youthful naivety. “I was green,” he told Kermit The Frog on Muppet Island Discs.

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  1. The TraxData blank CD in the photo is interesting... as far as I can recall, TraxData discs only came onto the market in 2001, so presumably, their pre-sales testing was very thorough to ensure that data was successfully retained for up to 6 years.