Thursday, 25 October 2012

“Don’t think about monsters,” 1972

Much of the NOI’s output was designed for the classroom. Campaigns like “Mind that rat!” and “Not everyone’s called Simon” still live on in the collective memory like nostalgia.

This poster – designed to reassure young heads destined for the pillow atop the wooden hill to Bedroomshire – appeared in every primary school the width and breadth of Britain. It was accompanied by a controversial Public Information Film, only passed by the BBFC after cuts which director Ken Russell said rendered it “disjointed and chthonic”.

The Welsh-language version (“Peidiwch â meddwl am anghenedlgarwch”) was withdrawn after a typogryphical mistake left the children of Wales baffled by the stern instruction, “Don’t think about a lack of patriotism”. It is no coincidence that the red dragon, for centuries the Welsh national monster, was removed from the Union flag shortly afterwards, in an unrelated incident.

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