Thursday, 11 October 2012

“Going upstairs? Get your jabs,” 1967

Little did NOI typing pool attendant Maureen Diddley know what she was letting her pussy in for when she agreed to his being photographed for this campaign. Honky, her lager-coloured four-week old Bodleian shorthair, soon became a national star, appearing on Ways Of Seeing, The Ascent Of Man and the ICI trousers advertisements.

Honky toys were the must-buy purchase at Christmas 1971, and his autobiography, Always Landing On The Same Feet (co-written with Fay Weldon) was the bestselling book of 1972, and won the Duff Cooper prize the same year, causing historian Robin Lane Fox to threaten to set himself on fire.

Honky later drifted into a life of homelessness and milkoholism, and died in a wet cardboard box in 1977.

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